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Vulnerability Assesment

Vulnerability is a weakness in the environment which can have adverse affect on the business. The information stored within your infrastructure is critical however Vulnerabilities can allow unwanted access to exploit infrastructure resources and thus have adverse affects on your business.


Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is an art of testing the computer system, network device or web application to find gaps that can be exploited by unwanted identity to gain unauthorized access to your assets. Penetration testing can be performed with automated tools or can also be performed manually. (more…)

Network Optimization

Data Network architecture is the back bone of any computer system.  Designing Network architecture is a major challenge. Proper functioning of data network is dependent on how well your network has been designed and implemented.  (more…)

Compliance Assessment

Compliance is a process of being in accordance with industry standards or requirements, or in process of becoming so. Compliance is like adhering to what have been told to you by someone who is not worried about what’s best for you. (more…)

Voice over IP

In this emerging technology and business, need of setting up a contact center to run a fully functional support services is more of a necessity than just a requirement.


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